Oracle 12c Community Content and Visualizations

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For the last two weeks since Oracle Database 12c was released, I have been aggregating community content into a list that includes everything from videos to slides to articles. At present there are 190 articles from 83 authors, which is absolutely incredible considering the short time the new version of Oracle’s RDBMS has been out.

Installations, Application Features, and Multitenant took the lead as far as categories are concerned for a combined 91 articles. For number of articles by author, Wissem El Khlifi, Osama Mustafa, and Bobby Curtis took the lead with a combined count of 38 articles.

But what are words? We’re data geeks after all. I wanted to share some of the cool information I was able to glean as a result of the community’s awesome response as visualizations.

Thank you to everyone in the Oracle community for the outstanding content. I’m sure it will be a huge help to people trying to get into Oracle and those who have been using it for a long time. Oracle 12c is arguably one of the biggest architectural changes we’ve seen in many releases, and the wealth of new features is matched only by the wealth of new content from the people who know it best.

More articles and hopefully more visualizations to come as time goes on!

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