Oracle Database 12c (12.1) Installation and New Features

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Category Article Author Date
New Features New Features in 12c from Oracle Base Tim Hall 2013-06-25
Licensing Pluggable Databases -- An extra charge option Chris Kanaracus 2013-06-21
Performance Optimizer Details from Oracle Optimizer Maria Colgan 2013-06-25
Installation Upgrade, Migrate, and Consolidate to Oracle 12c slide deck Mike Dietrich 2013-06-25
Installation Oracle 12c Silent Installation Daniel Westermann 2013-06-26
Internals Parameters in 12c Marco Gralike 2013-06-26
Tools DB Express, the 12c replacement for DB Console Marco Gralike 2013-06-26
Installation Getting Started with Oracle 12c DB Express Marco Gralike 2013-06-26
Installation OPatch in Oracle 12c Bobby Curtis 2013-06-25
Application Changing VARCHAR2 to 32k Bobby Curtis 2013-06-26
Tools The death of Advanced Replication and Streams Bobby Curtis 2013-06-26
Licensing Licensing in 12c first look Paul Bullen 2013-06-26
Tools New features in EXPDP Osama Mustafa 2013-06-26
Internals Moving datafiles online Osama Mustafa 2013-06-26
Installation Queryable Patch Inventory (QOPatch) Osama Mustafa 2013-06-27
Security Security Features of Oracle 12c Osama Mustafa 2013-06-27
Tools Enable DB Express Osama Mustafa 2013-06-27
Internals Generated as Identity Columns (Sequence Replacement) Osama Mustafa 2013-06-27
Backup Restore a single table with RMAN Raheel Syed 2013-06-26
Backup RMAN now supports SELECT statements Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-26
Backup More details on single table restores in 12c RMAN Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-26
Backup RMAN Multisection Image Copies Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-27
Tools New ASMCMD commands Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-27
Internals Invisible Columns Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-27
Video @oraclenerd interviews Tom Kyte about 12c at KScope13 Chet Justice 2013-06-25
Video @oraclenerd interviews @leight0nn (Leighton L. Nelson) about his gutsy 0-day 12c demo Chet Justice 2013-06-26
New Features Collaborate 2013 Oracle 12c Whitepapers IOUG 2013-06-25
New Features 5 reasons to upgrade to Oracle 12c Samer Forzley 2013-06-25
New Features Top 10 New Features Paulo Portugal 2013-06-26
Installation Oracle 12c on Solaris Mike Gerdts 2013-06-26
New Features Some goodies to start with Aman Sharma 2013-06-26
Security Capture privilege usage Biju Thomas 2013-06-26
Application In-Line PL/SQL functions in SQL queries Lucas Jellema 2013-06-25
Multitenant Multitenant Options and Application Express Jason Straub 2013-06-26
Licensing How long can I remain on Oracle 11g? Steven Karam 2013-06-26
Installation Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI) from to online Ronald Rood 2013-06-26
Installation Exadata Patching in Oracle 12c Robert Freeman 2013-06-26
Tools XMLDB is mandatory in Oracle 12c Marco Gralike 2013-06-26
Installation Oracle 12c RAC on your laptop Step by Step Yury Velikanov 2013-06-27
Multitenant SQL developer and Multitenant (Pluggable DB) Jeff Smith 2013-06-27
New Features Oracle Database 12c New Features Part 1 Syed Jaffar Hussain 2013-06-27
Internals 12c Debug - Finding Bugfixes Jonathan Lewis 2013-06-28
Performance Adaptive Optimization in 12c Kerry Osborne 2013-06-27
New Features New Features in 12c and the Bug Life Surachart Opun 2013-06-28
Application XQuery Full Text Marco Gralike 2013-06-28
Internals PGA Aggregate Limit (new default parameter) Marco Gralike 2013-06-28
Application Identity Columns 12c Edition Bobby Curtis 2013-06-28
Tools UTL_CALL_STACK in 12c Tom Kyte 2013-06-28
Application XMLIndex Support for Hash Partitioning Marco Gralike 2013-06-28
Application Store More in VARCHAR2 Biju Thomas 2013-06-28
Internals Useful MOS Notes on 12c Syed Jaffar Hussain 2013-06-28
Security Auditing Tutorial for 12c Osama Mustafa 2013-06-28
New Features New Features in 12c Geert De Paep 2013-06-28
Internals Deprecated Parameters Bobby Curtis 2013-06-28
Application Fetching first rows (ROWNUM replacement) Bobby Curtis 2013-06-29
Security Common and Local Users in Multitenant (Pluggable Databases) Bobby Curtis 2013-06-29
Internals In Database Archiving in 12c Lucas Jellema 2013-06-29
Installation Install 12c in an OEL VirtualBox VM Lucas Jellema 2013-06-29
Installation Upgrading Grid Infrastructure Standalone from to Javier Ruiz 2013-06-29
Installation Oracle 12c RAC on OEL 6 using VirtualBox Tim Hall 2013-06-29
Video Installing Oracle 12c on Redhat Linux Javier Ruiz 2013-06-29
Installation Build a Flex ASM 12c lab using Virtualbox Bertrand Drouvot 2013-06-29
Multitenant Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture Overview Jean-Francois Verrier 2013-06-25
Backup Recovery Manager (RMAN) 12c New Features Andy Colvin 2013-02-13
Installation Install 12c Live Blog Bjoern Rost 2013-06-25
Internals ILM Management - In Database Archiving Aman Sharma 2013-06-28
Installation Quickly create a virtual machine with OEL 6.4 and 12c inside (for dummies) Lucas Jellema 2013-06-30
Application PL/SQL Functions in SQL - Short Example Marcin Przepiorowski 2013-06-29
Installation Upgrading Database to using DBUA Javier Ruiz 2013-06-30
Security Oracle Database 12c New Security Features Stefan Oehrli 2013-06-26
Tools ASM in 12c - The New ASM Frontier Charles Kim 2013-06-28
Internals Temp Undo Tablespaces Osama Mustafa 2013-07-01
Application 12 new features for developers Scott Wesley 2013-07-01
Security Funny finding in 12c Jonathan Lewis 2013-06-30
Application Flashback moving forward Lucas Jellema 2013-06-30
Installation Upgrade 11gR2 with APEX to Oracle 12c Dmitri Gielis 2013-06-30
Tools New, Improved, and Free Flashback Data Archives in 12c Bjoern Rost 2013-06-27
Installation Playing with Virtualbox & Oracle 12c Part 1 Francisco Munoz Alvarez 2013-07-02
Installation Playing with Virtualbox & Oracle 12c Part 2 Francisco Munoz Alvarez 2013-07-01
Application MATCH_RECOGNIZE in 12c Laurent Schneider 2013-07-01
Backup Restore and recover Pluggable databases Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-01
Backup Restore and recover Pluggable datafiles Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-01
Performance DB Express Performance Hub Osama Mustafa 2013-06-30
Internals Clean up global indexes on partitioned tables Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-01
Application SQL Text Expansion Tom Kyte 2013-07-01
Multitenant Clone a Pluggable Database Bobby Curtis 2013-07-01
Application New PL/SQL Features Steven Feuerstein 2013-07-01
Application WITH Determinism in 12c Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-01
Multitenant Oracle DB 12c Multitenancy - Yeah that's a strike Floyd Teter 2013-07-01
Installation Scripts to download Oracle 12c documentation Christian Antognini 2013-07-01
Application WITH clause enhancements in 12cR1 Tim Hall 2013-07-01
Internals Flex ASM and Extended RAC - watch out for "unpreferred" reads Bertrand Drouvot 2013-07-02
Backup RMAN with Multitenant architecture Naga Appani 2013-07-01
Performance Intro to multiple indexes on the same column list Richard Foote 2013-07-02
Internals TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED Robert Geier 2013-06-30
Performance DTRACE probes in Oracle 12c Glenn Fawcett 2013-07-01
Multitenant Moving a non-container database to a container database Naga Appani 2013-06-30
Multitenant All about Multitenant Architecture Naga Appani 2013-06-29
Multitenant How to create a Pluggable database Matthew Walden 2013-06-29
Application Managing partitioning in 12c Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-02
Installation Upgrade 11gR2 to 12c (slides) Osama Mustafa 2013-07-02
Application Truncate Table Cascade Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-02
Installation Installing Oracle Database 12c on OEL 6 Video Tutorial Kamran Agayev 2013-07-02
Tools DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING feature in Datapump Javier Ruiz 2013-06-30
Tools Install ODI 11g into an Oracle 12c Pluggable Database David Allan 2013-07-02
Tools OpenFiler on Virtualbox and 12c ASM Flex ASM Amit Bansal 2013-07-02
Application WebLogic Server and 12c - Part 1 Steve Felts 2013-07-02
Application Invisible Columns in 12c Tom Kyte 2013-07-02
Internals I/O Debugging in 12c Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-02
Application Silly little trick with invisibility Tom Kyte 2013-07-02
Multitenant Multitenant Options with Oracle 12c Gerlinde Frenzen 2013-07-02
Multitenant Introducing Oracle Multitenant Patrick Wheeler 2013-06-25
Installation Gladstone pre-installation script for 12c Howard Rogers 2013-07-02
Application Inconsistency of Inline WITH functions Sayan Malakshinov 2013-07-02
Installation Oracle Restart deprecated in 12c Bjoern Rost 2013-07-03
Performance Specifying lock timeout for finish_redef_table Amit Bansal 2013-07-03
Installation Restore a 12c upgrade to 11g Michael Dinh 2013-07-03
Installation Upgrade to 12c using DBUA silent mode Michael Dinh 2013-07-03
Backup Cloning Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases Jason Arneil 2013-07-03
Application "Flashforward" queries in 12c (temporal validity) Tom Kyte 2013-07-03
Backup NOOPEN option for RMAN duplicate Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-03
Installation How to install Oracle 12.1 in silent mode Pierre Forstmann 2013-06-27
Installation How to create a 12.1 database in silent mode Pierre Forstmann 2013-06-27
Application Sequence.nextval as default and identity columns Ludovico Caldara 2013-06-27
Tools Database Express in Oracle 12c Ludovico Caldara 2013-06-27
Multitenant Multitenant, Services, and Standard Edition RAC Ludovico Caldara 2013-07-03
New Features Architecture and New Features in Oracle 12c (Spanish) Ronald Vargas 2013-07-02
Installation Upgrade to 12.1.0 Asif Momen 2013-07-03
New Features Oracle Database 12c New Features Part 2 Syed Jaffar Hussain 2013-07-03
New Features My first five minutes with Oracle 12c Rene Antunez 2013-07-03
Tools New BI and DW features in 12gR1 Mark Rittman 2013-07-03
Multitenant Pluggable Databases in 12c Part 1 Osama Mustafa 2013-07-04
Video Add a Container DB (CDB) to Enterprise Manager 12c Javier Ruiz 2013-07-03
Multitenant Pluggable Databases in Oracle 12c Bas Klaassen 2013-07-03
Multitenant Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds B. R. Clouse 2013-07-02
Installation Easily Install Oracle RDBMS 12cR1 on OEL6 Wim Coekaerts 2013-07-03
Backup Three new RMAN features in 12c Anton Els 2013-07-04
Internals 12c Trivia Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-04
Performance Session specific statistics for global temporary tables Mihajlo Tekic 2013-07-03
Multitenant Statspack Hack for Multitenant databases Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-04
Security Security in 12c Pete Finnigan 2013-07-04
Installation Grid Standalone Server with ASM on 12cR1 T Muthu Nagaraj 2013-07-04
Internals ILM Management Part 2 - Temporal Validity Aman Sharma 2013-07-04
Multitenant Manual container database creation in SQL*Plus Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-04
Multitenant Plug a non-PDB into a CDB Surachart Opun 2013-07-05
Multitenant Change COMMON_USER prefix Bobby Curtis 2013-07-04
Application Row limiting clause for Top-N queries Tim Hall 2013-07-04
Internals Multithreaded Model using THREADED_EXECUTION Tim Hall 2013-07-04
Multitenant Bug in Pluggable databases lead to complete system outage David Hueber 2013-07-04
Installation Creating a Pluggable database and container using DBCA Garth Harbach 2013-07-04
Multitenant Pluggable Databases in 12c Part 2 Osama Mustafa 2013-07-05
Tools EM Express - 12c Edition Bobby Curtis 2013-07-05
Security Privileges and Users in Oracle 12c - The Beginning Pete Finnigan 2013-07-05
Multitenant Connect to a Pluggable Database Bas Klaassen 2013-07-05
Multitenant First Steps with the Multitenancy option (in depth) Martin Bach 2013-07-05
Application ROW_LIMITING_CLAUSE and lateral inline views Sayan Malakshinov 2013-07-05
Tools ASM I/O Statistics Utility V2 Bertrand Drouvot 2013-07-05
Performance Multiple same-column indexes Tom Kyte 2013-07-05
Security Default Oracle 12c Users Pete Finnigan 2013-07-05
Multitenant Pluggable Databases - Easy as DBCA Pie Kellyn Pot'Vin 2013-07-05
Tools Flash Player with Firefox on DB Express setup Kellyn Pot'Vin 2013-07-05
Internals New SQL_ID calculation Kerry Osborne 2013-07-05
Multitenant Pluggable Databases now called Oracle Multitenant Mark Fontecchio 2013-06-27
Video Create normal redundancy ASM 12c Diskgroup using EM12c Javier Ruiz 2013-07-06
Application Identity columns and new column DEFAULT enhancements Tim Hall 2013-07-07
New Features Initial notes on 12c - Part 1 Hans Forbrich 2013-07-06
Installation Looking behind DBCA Daniel Westermann 2013-06-27
Multitenant Catalog creation with Daniel Westermann 2013-06-28
Multitenant Deploying scripts with Daniel Westermann 2013-07-04
New Features Concepts and features overturned in Oracle 12c Hemant Chitale 2013-07-07
Installation Install Oracle 12c with Multitenant Features (Spanish) Rene Antunez 2013-07-07
Video Use Enterprise Manager 12c to fix Offline 12c ASM disk from simulated device failure Javier Ruiz 2013-07-07
Internals ASM Normal Redundancy Testing in 12c Javier Ruiz 2013-07-07
Performance New AWR Report sections Javier Ruiz 2013-07-07
Backup Performing PDB point-in-time recovery Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-08
Multitenant Managing PDBs using SQL Developer Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-08
Internals A little bit about multithreading Surachart Opun 2013-07-08
Performance Partial indexes for partitioned tables - Part 1 Richard Foote 2013-07-08
Application Identity Columns (German) Martin Preiss 2013-07-07
Performance Limiting PGA with PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT Amit Bansal 2013-07-07
Security Security Auditing in Oracle 12c Pete Finnigan 2013-07-08
Application New Things in SQL*Plus Tom Kyte 2013-07-08
Tools Installed Oracle R Enterprise 1.3 with Multitenant Database Surachart Opun 2013-07-08
New Features Oracle Database 12c Bookmarklet, Search Plugin and New Features Eddie Awad 2013-07-08
Installation Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (Single Instance) Bobby Curtis 2013-07-08
Backup RMAN restrictions when connected to a PDB Hemant Chitale 2013-07-06
Multitenant Pluggable Databases in 12c Part 3 Osama Mustafa 2013-07-09
Internals Oracle 12c Architecture Diagram Asif Momen 2013-07-09
Backup Incremental backup for DataGuard over the network Marcin Przepiorowski 2013-07-09
Internals ILM Management Part 3 - Heat Map Aman Sharma 2013-07-11
Multitenant Managing PDBs using triggers Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-11
Internals First N Rows Behind the Scenes Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-10
New Features Oracle 12c New Features and Release Ben Prusinski 2013-07-10
Internals Top N Rows with Parallelization Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-11
Application Implicit Result Sets Tom Kyte 2013-07-11
Application Implicit statement results and extended data types Tim Hall 2013-07-11
New Features Oracle Database 12c New Features Part 3 Syed Jaffar Hussain 2013-07-11
Performance More Parses in 12.1.0? Abel Macias 2013-07-11
Installation My first steps with Oracle 12c Brendan Tierney 2013-07-11
Internals ASM 12c External Redundancy handles corrupted blocks better Javier Ruiz 2013-07-11
Internals Replacing a disk with the new ASM 12c REPLACE command Javier Ruiz 2013-07-08
Tools Add an Oracle 12c database to Enterprise Manager 12c Wissem El Khlifi 2013-06-26
Multitenant Adopting non container databases into a CDB Osama Mustafa 2013-07-12
New Features What's new in Oracle DataGuard for 12c Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-12
Licensing First mentions of Oracle 12c XE Morten Braten 2013-07-13
Application Top N Queries in Oracle 12c (German) Martin Preiss 2013-07-13
Application Extended VARCHARs and hidden parameters Sayan Malakshinov 2013-07-13
Tools Oracle 12c Advanced Analytics Options Brendan Tierney 2013-07-12
Tools Transportable Tablespaces across platforms Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-15
Installation Install Oracle 12c RAC in Silent Mode Pierre Forstmann 2013-07-14
Multitenant Consolidating Multitenant Architecture using Enterprise Manager Javier Ruiz 2013-07-13
Multitenant Change PDB$SEED mode Surachart Opun 2013-07-15
Tools Install OEM12c on Database 12c Bobby Curtis 2013-07-15
Installation Install Oracle 12c Instant Client and SQL*Plus on Ubuntu Marco Vigelini 2013-07-14
Performance Oracle 12c Histograms Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-14
Installation Installing Oracle 12c on Windows (German) Martin Preiss 2013-07-14
Installation Create a pluggable database with DBCA Bobby Curtis 2013-07-14
Tools GoldenGate Integration with Oracle 12c? Bobby Curtis 2013-07-14
Performance The SQL Translation Framework Kerry Osbourne 2013-07-13
Application Behavior testing of Inline Functions Sayan Malakshinov 2013-07-13
Tools DataGuard Far Sync Configuration - Part 1 Marcin Przepiorowski 2013-07-16
Installation Installing 12c on Windows 7 64bit Brendan Tierney 2013-07-15
Internals Flex ASM - Watch out for "invisible" I/O Bertrand Drouvot 2013-07-16
Security DBA_USERS.ORACLE_MAINTAINED metadata Martin Bach 2013-07-17
Video Top 12 Features of Oracle 12c Tom Kyte 2013-07-16
Application Limiting the number of ordered rows retrieved Laszlo Czinkoczki 2013-07-09
Video Installing Oracle 12c as a Container Database with 3 Pluggable Databases Marco Vigelini 2013-07-17
Application Upgrading 12c's Java to version 7 Surachart Opun 2013-07-18
Security Code Based Access Control (CBAC) Part 1 Tom Kyte 2013-07-18
Security Principle of Least Privilege with PL/SQL whitelists Tom Kyte 2013-07-17
Multitenant Autostarting pluggable databases Brendan Tierney 2013-07-17
Video Oracle Database 12c Pluggable Databases webinar Kellyn Pot'vin 2013-07-17
Installation Query patching information via SQL Dominic Giles 2013-07-18
Tools Full Transportable Import/Export Mike Dietrich 2013-07-18
Internals PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT in 12c Surachart Opun 2013-07-19
Performance Auto Degree of Parallelism control with PARALLEL_DEGREE_LEVEL Kerry Osborne 2013-07-19
Multitenant Create a PDB in a CDB using files and PDB$SEED Marco Vigelini 2013-07-21
Multitenant Startup and Shutdown vs. Alter Statements Bobby Curtis 2013-07-22
New Features An AMIS Overview of Oracle 12c Marco Gralike 2013-07-22
Tools SQL*Plus displays last login time for non-SYS users Amit Bansal 2013-07-22
Multitenant Managing Resources in CDB/PDBs Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-20
Application Invisible columns and column order Connor Mcdonald 2013-07-22
Tools Exporting database views as tables Amit Bansal 2013-07-22
Internals Moving to a multithreaded configuration Abdul Aziz 2013-03-08
Performance Multiple indexes on the same set of columns Abdul Aziz 2013-07-18
New Features List of primary new features in 12c Abdul Aziz 2013-02-25
New Features List of primary new RAC features in 12c Abdul Aziz 2013-03-02
New Features What is Oracle 12c Abdul Aziz 2013-07-15
Multitenant Container and Pluggable Databases Abdul Aziz 2013-06-16
Multitenant PDBs and CDBs Part 1 - Getting Started Abdul Aziz 2013-06-30
Multitenant PDBs and CDBs Part 2 - Plugging and Unplugging Abdul Aziz 2013-06-30
Multitenant PDBs and CDBs Part 3 - Cloning PDBs Abdul Aziz 2013-07-01
Backup RMAN recuperación de tablas Parte 1 (Spanish) Joel Pérez & Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-22
Backup RMAN recuperación de tablas Parte 2 (Spanish) Joel Pérez & Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-22
Backup RMAN recuperación de tablas Parte 3 (Spanish) Joel Pérez & Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-23
Backup RMAN recuperación de tablas Parte 4 (Spanish) Joel Pérez & Wissem El Khlifi 2013-07-23
Application Default Column Value Enhancements Abdul Aziz 2013-07-21
Internals Flex ASM 12c in Action Martin Bach 2013-07-22
Installation Oracle 12cR1 RAC installation on Windows Server 2012 using VirtualBox Tim Hall 2013-07-22
Security Hacking COMMON Users Pete Finnigan 2013-07-23
Installation Install Golden Gate on Oracle 12c Fahd Mirza 2013-07-23
Performance Automatic Data Storage Optimization Martin Bach 2013-07-24
Application Finding the Most Valuable Player using MATCH_RECOGNIZE in SQL Lucas Jellema 2013-07-24
Installation Upgrading to Oracle 12c Tim Hall 2013-07-24
New Features The Best Oracle DB 12c New Features Rich Niemiec 2013-04-26
Multitenant Checking whether a database is a CDB Fahd Mirza 2013-07-25
Application New Data Mining Functions Brendan Tierney 2013-07-25
Application Using PHP and Oracle 12c Implicit Result Sets Christopher Jones 2013-07-25
Multitenant Compatibility quirks with PDBs and CDBs Fahd Mirza 2013-07-25
Installation Personal installation of Oracle 12c in VMWare - Highlights Bobby Durrett 2013-07-26
Installation Installing Oracle 12c on Windows 7 Michael McLaughlin 2013-07-26
Tools Quickly build a standby database and set up DataGuard configuration Marcin Przepiorowski 2013-07-27
Tools Oracle Database File System (DBFS) enhancements Tim Hall 2013-07-27
Installation Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in 12c Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-28
Installation Installing CDB and PDB into ASM disk groups Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-28
Tools Adding a new diskgroup using ASMCA Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-28
Tools Moving datafiles from one ASM diskgroup to another in SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-28
Multitenant Changing the open mode (OPEN_MODE) in listed PDBs Marco Vigelini 2013-07-28
Tools DataGuard Far Sync and DataGuard Broker Marcin Przepiorowski 2013-07-28
Internals Temporary Undo Harald van Breederode 2013-07-28
Installation Grid Infrastructure installation differences in 12c Michael Dinh 2013-07-29
Multitenant Opening a PDB with SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-28
Tools Creating objects in a PDB in SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-29
Multitenant Cloning a PDB in SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-29
Multitenant Enable archive loggin in a CDB with SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-29
Multitenant Open mode limitations with CDBs and PDBs Marco Vigelini 2013-07-29
Tools Cloud Performance, Elasticity and Multitenancy with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c and Oracle Database 12c Ayalla Goldschmidt 2013-07-29
Application WITH enhancements in 12c Gary Myers 2013-07-29
Backup Configuring RMAN for 12c with SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-30
Multitenant Changing the open mode of all pluggable databases Marco Vigelini 2013-07-30
Multitenant Cloning pluggable databases Marco Vigelini 2013-07-30
Performance Oracle 12c Histograms Part 2 Jonathan Lewis 2013-07-30
Security SQL Translation and Last Logins Pete Finnigan 2013-07-31
Multitenant Startup and shutdown of PDBs Michael Dinh 2013-08-01
Multitenant Create a PDB by unplugging and replugging Marco Vigelini 2013-08-01
Backup Taking a full RMAN backup in 12c with SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-07-31
Multitenant EM Express for CDB/PDB/Non-CDB Anju Garg 2013-08-01
Installation Installing Oracle 12c on OEL6 Ben Prusinski 2013-08-01
Multitenant Connect to a PDB using EM Express Galo Balda 2013-08-01
Multitenant Cloning a PDB Michael Dinh 2013-08-02
Internals Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance Part 1 - Where Are We Now? Richard Foote 2013-08-02
Tools Managing Oracle Database 12c with EM12c Scott McNeil 2013-08-02
Performance Histograms in 12c (German) Martin Preiss 2013-08-05
Internals Enqueue Rules Leading to Deadlock Changes Again? Charles Hooper 2013-08-01
Internals Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance Part 2 - The Space Between Richard Foote 2013-08-06
Backup How to back up a pluggable database Ben Prusinski 2013-08-05
Security Plug into Defense-in-Depth Troy Kitch 2013-08-06
Internals Deprecated ODM Features in 12c Brendan Tierney 2013-08-06
Installation Uninstalling Oracle Database 12c Michael Dinh 2013-08-06
Multitenant Plug in 12c non-CDB as PDB Anju Garg 2013-08-06
Multitenant Create a PDB from a Non-CDB using the DBMS_PDB Package Marco Vigelini 2013-08-07
Multitenant Unplug a PDB and plug it back into the same CDB Marco Vigelini 2013-08-07
Multitenant Display CDB/PDB Names in the SQL Prompt Anju Garg 2013-08-07
Internals Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance Part 3 - Remake/Remodel Richard Foote 2013-08-07
New Features New Features in Oracle 12c Maria Gyurova 2013-08-07
Installation Oracle VM Templates for Database 12c Single Instance and RAC Wim Coekaerts 2013-08-07
Multitenant Pluggable Database, SQL Skripte, & (German) Sebastian Solbach 2013-08-09
Multitenant Manuals and Database Files Jonathan Lewis 2013-08-09
Performance Join Views in 12c Jonathan Lewis 2013-08-09
Internals Multithreaded Architecture in Database 12c Shan Nawaz 2013-08-10
Multitenant Delete a Pluggable Database with DBCA Bobby Curtis 2013-08-11
Internals Moving datafiles online Shan Nawaz 2013-08-11
Installation How upgrading to 12c is different from previous versions Shan Nawaz 2013-08-11
Backup RMAN Recover and Restore with SQL Developer Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-08-11
Internals Lock Types in Oracle 12c Gerard Venzl 2013-08-12
Tools Defining Redaction Policies for 12c Data Models in SQL Developer Jeff Smith 2013-08-12
Backup More SQL without 'sql' in RMAN Steve Ries 2013-08-12
Multitenant Provisioning a PDB Michael McLaughlin 2013-08-13
Multitenant My first bug on DB 12c: Creating a PDB by cloning a remote existing PDB Marco Vigelini 2013-08-13
Application Scalar Subquery Unnesting Transformation Tanel Poder 2013-08-13
Application Using Identity Columns Shan Nawaz 2013-08-13
Application Multiple indexes on the same columns Shan Nawaz 2013-08-13
Multitenant DBMS_COMPARISON missing from PDBs Michael McLaughlin 2013-08-14
New Features New Features in ASM 12c Bane Radulovic 2013-08-14
Tools Installing 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby - Part 1 Anton Els 2013-07-31
Tools Installing 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby - Part 2 Anton Els 2013-07-31
Tools Installing 12c Standard Edition RAC with Dbvisit Standby - Part 3 Anton Els 2013-07-31
Backup Network Recovery in RMAN Michael Abbey 2013-08-14
RAC Adding a node to a 12c RAC Cluster Martin Bach 2013-08-15
Multitenant Creating a PDB from a Non-CDB Using Data Pump Marco Vigelini 2013-08-15
Internals Temporary Undo Shan Nawaz 2013-08-16
Internals Physical Metadata Replication in ASM Bane Radulovic 2013-08-17
Application Session Based Sequences Gary Myers 2013-08-17
New Features Deprecated Init Parameters Syed Jaffar Hussain 2013-08-17
Performance Enqueue Waits Gerald Venzl 2013-08-19
Tools Database Validation in Data Guard 12c Andrey Goryunov 2013-08-20
Tools What is new with Data Pump? Michael Abbey 2013-08-20
Installation Error invoking target all_no_orcl of makefile Jeff Taylor 2013-08-20
Internals Session Data Unit (SDU) Shan Nawaz 2013-08-20
New Features Active DataGuard Enhancements Fairlie Rego 2013-08-20
Multitenant Create a 12c Container Database from scripts Martin Bach 2013-08-21
Security DB Security 12c Serie 2: PL/SQL Invoker Rights (German) Carsten Muetzlitz 2013-08-22
Application Temporal Validity - Part 1 Shan Nawaz 2013-08-23
Multitenant Create and Configure a Pluggable Database Tim Hall 2013-08-24
Tools DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER potentially cool but then it is not Martin Bach 2013-08-24
Performance Table Access by Index ROWID Batched Shan Nawaz 2013-08-24
Performance Adaptive SQL Plans Martin Preiss 2013-08-25
Performance Adaptive Joins Maria Colgan 2013-08-25
Backup Not Your Typical Full Recovery - PDB (Style) Recovery? Bobby Curtis 2013-08-26
Performance Is Oracle 12c Faster Than 11g? Craig Shallahamer 2013-08-26
Application Collecting stats during a bulk load Shan Nawaz 2013-08-26
Application OFFSET FETCH bug? Michael Rosenblum 2013-08-26
Internals Temporäres Undo (German) Martin Preiss 2013-08-27
Installation 12c Grid Infrastructure Standalone Silent Upgrade Michael Dinh 2013-08-27
Tools Pumping Data with the LOGTIME Parameter in Data Pump Steve Ries 2013-08-27
Multitenant Post 12c Upgrade - Converting Non-CDB as PDB Senthilkumar Rajendran 2013-08-28
Internals Sorted Hash Clusters RIP Jonathan Lewis 2013-08-28
Installation Fun with DB 12cR1 Upgrade Maaz Anjum 2013-07-04
Multitenant Support for PDBs in Enterprise Manager Martin Bach 2013-08-29
Application Connecting PHP to 12c Multitenant Database Michael McLaughlin 2013-08-31
Application Heat Maps - 12c Edition Bobby Curtis 2013-09-01
Multitenant Single Tenant Configuration Patrick Wheeler 2013-09-01
Application Test OCI row prefetch count in Java with oraacess.xml in 12c Pierre Forstmann 2013-08-29
Performance Bitmap/Btree indexes and multiple indexes per column Jonathan Lewis 2013-09-03
Internals INS-30502: No ASM disk group found Ben Thompson 2013-09-10
Internals Data Guard Synchronous Redo Transport Joel Pérez, Mahir M. Quluzade & Rodrigo Mufalani 2013-09-11
Application FETCH FIRST x ROWS ONLY Connor Mcdonald 2013-09-11
Multitenant Limitations of PDB Switching with Oracle Database 12.1 Monica Riccelli 2013-09-11
Multitenant A not so straightforward approach to manual database (CDB/PDB) creation in SQL*Plus Maaz Anjum 2013-09-03
Performance Indexing Extended Data Types Part 1 (A Big Hurt) Richard Foote 2013-09-12
Security Tightening Security with SELECT ANY DICTIONARY Steve Ries 2013-09-12
Video Adaptive Execution Plans Tom Kyte 2013-09-13
Installation Pre-Upgrade Scripts and JAVAVM Roy Swonger 2013-09-16
Tools Last Successful Login Time in SQL*Plus Arup Nanda 2013-09-16
Internals Fixed in 12c? Session CPU Consumption Statistics Craig Shallahamer 2013-09-17
Multitenant Multitenant Database Notes Hans Forbrich 2013-09-20
Internals I/O Outlier Profiling in V$KERNEL_IO_OUTLIER Andrey Nikolaev 2013-09-20

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  1. Thanks steve for putting most of the 12c features in a single reference. Good work.

  2. Thanks a lot.

    Have been looking for a link that shows similarities and differences between SQL Server and Oracle12c features. The core differences between the 2 RDBMS still stand, but I am sure that list would change drastically after 12c. I am not trying to judge which is superior.


  3. Any one help me about oracle weblogic 12c and Oracle Fusion Middleware 12 c download

    With regards
    Abdulwajid khan

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