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Despite the popular idea of tech folks silently skulking in their cubicles with indie music streaming in through white earbuds, the fact is that most IT folks are a chatty and social bunch. More than likely you are in possession of at least a Facebook account and more than likely a Google+ account, Twitter account, and maybe even a LinkedIn account as well (we’re all in the top 5% or 1%, right?).

So I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my readers a quick list of where you can find me in the social world.

Follow Me on Twitter

I do quite a bit of chatting on Twitter because it’s such an easy and quick platform for day to day chatter. At 140 characters you can say a surprising amount as long as you don’t try to talk about the DBMS_TRANSFORM_EXPIMP_INTERNAL or something. You can find me there at @OracleAlchemist. I’ll be happy to follow back!

Like (and Share!) My Facebook Page

I recently signed up for a Facebook Page for Oracle Alchemist as well. I plan to use this to share blog articles as well as other content that is not right for the blog and too long for Twitter. You can find my Facebook Page at

Add Me on LinkedIn

I’m still up in the air on the LinkedIn platform. On the one hand it’s a social network of professionals and that’s always a good thing. On the other hand I find the interface to be extremely clunky and the mobile apps to be abysmal. Be that as it may, I post my blog content there as well as participate in Group discussions. Feel free to look me up at!

Add Me to Your Google+ Circles

I was originally in the Google+ Beta, but ended up leaving due to a lack of unique content. However, they have definitely grown quite a bit and I am glad to say I have a new profile there. Not only is it useful for SEO purposes, but it also is a great platform for random chat, ideas, and collaboration.

Got a Blog?

Outside of the social networks there is, of course, this blog. Please feel free to comment on posts. I don’t mind link dropping as long as it’s relevant (though you may have to wait for me to approve the comment). Also depending on the blog I may add it to the sidebar or link it from future articles.

Thanks all, and happy Friday! I hope to see you out there on the social web.

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