New Toy! The 80GB iPod

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I had made a post about the 80GB iPod, how much I loved it, and how great it was, and now suddenly it’s deleted. Ah well, c’est la vie, no?

Anyways, I don’t remember everything that was there, but suffice it to say that the iPod is amazing. You can store around 20,000 songs, over a hundred videos, TV shows, and the new iPods even have games in brilliant color.

Not only that, but the new 80GB iPod has a better battery life with up to 20 hours of music playback and 6.5 hours of video playback which is GREAT for plane rides without having to pull out the laptop. If you run out of battery, you can plug the iPod into your laptop via USB and leech battery power from it. Perfection!

The new iPod also has clarity enhancements. Videos can be larger and squeezed onto the iPod’s screen for great playback on a TV. The brightness has also been adjusted, which allows a beautiful retina-burning display of video.

Take a look at the old vs. new pics below:

iPod Video NormaliPod Video BRIGHT

While the actual video watching is not THAT bright, it is what my camera picked up, and this camera was using NO flash. A visual feast, the likes of which will make you want to stare at the sun to cool your eyes off after a movie.

The best part is that Apple lowered their prices at the same time. The new 80GB iPod is only $350.00, whereas the old 60GB one was $400. You can’t beat the price for this much space and such great features.

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  1. yeah i have it but i never got a disk so how am i suppose to set it up and the batterrie doesnt last as long as u make it sound

  2. Yeah, the 80gb is great and all but you know what really sucks about it? You can’t watch the videos that you put on it on a TV, unless of course you go and buy a $50 cord made by apple that is the same exact thing as a cord to hook up a camcorder to a TV!! Something that should cost five bucks at the most, costs you 50 bucks! The reason for this is because apple decide to put a chip inside of only the 80GB and 160GB ipods that will not recognize anything other than an apple product, thus creating a monopoly to charge whatever the hell they want to for a freakin AV cable!! I’ve tried to buy an off-brand cable that even said it was made for the ipod to watch videos, and guess what, no TV out!! Ipod’s for the most part are pretty cool, but the kats at apple are some greedy bastards man.

  3. Oh and one more thing…It’s not that fifty dollars is really that much money or anything, unless you’re broke like me cuz I spent THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ON A FREAKIN’ IPOD MAN!!!!!! It’s the principle here, not the price. If I spend $350 on this damn thing I shouldn’t even need a cord to watch a movie with it, it should be wireless or something! It should practically wipe my ass for me!!

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