The Most Incredible Office Warfare Tool Ever

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Today, I received and plugged in the best office warfare tool imaginable. Yes, my friends, it is the USB Missile Launcher.

This little gizmo is insanely fun to play with. It is a small plastic missile launcher, about a half foot tall with three “turrets” that hold white foam darts. A USB cable plugs it into your computer, where you can use included software to move the turrets up, down, left, and right and fire the missiles. The launcher ships with a Windows program to manage it, but thankfully there’s a Mac port of the driver and software.

USB Missile Launcher console.jpg

Does your manager like to come to your desk and ask you annoying questions about your database? “Why is it so sloooow?” “What do you MEAN we need more hardware?” This little baby will solve all your problems. One glimpse at the launcher homing in, the mechanical hum of hobby engines locking it on target, will send your manager scurrying for cover.

All this for about $30!

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