The Sea of Names

This is a pretty neat Java based tool.  NameVoyager by iVillage allows you to see name rankings based on year and names per million babies and has a type-ahead tool that lets you type letters in to narrow down results.  Looks like Steve is losing popularity but did very well

Free AJAX Course

I absolutely love AJAX. In fact, I’m going to be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld, a presentation entitled “Putting the Express back into Oracle Application Express with AJAX.” I also like free. This article caught my eye today, as it’s talking about several free online courses over the period of three

Good News for Psychics

Have you been trying to convince friends, family, co-workers, and asylum caretakers that you’re psychic with no luck? Maybe this is the program for you! According to an article on, new studies are using three dimensional virtual worlds to gauge telepathic ability in humans by playing virtual ‘guessing games.’

Oracle’s Plan For Growth

According to a ComputerWorld article, Oracle has outlined it’s five growth plans as: Security Content Management Business Intelligence Grid Computing Enterprise Search These are some great areas for Oracle to grow into, honestly. Now, you may think from my last article that security would be one Oracle would have some