The Adventures of Ace, DBA

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NOTE 02/04/2013: I noticed that this page seems to get a lot of hits, but the site I created for the comic is long gone. I have decided to upload the comics I had created here so everyone can see them. Enjoy!

So I was reading through some of my favorite xkcd comics, and I decided it might be fun to make my own comics about Oracle.

And so I’d like to introduce The Adventures of Ace, DBA. Ace is a Jr. DBA trying to make it in a tough corporate world. The comic is about his trials and tribulations, imaginings, and other fun experiences as a highly stressed DBA.

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  1. just a quick heads-up, Steve:
    in AceDBA, the link back to here in the bottom of the page is mispelled: won’t work.
    Love the cartoon series, BTW.

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