Bonsoir from Lausanne!

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Hello everyone! I’m writing from Lausanne, Switzerland where I am teaching a three day RAC course. Geneva and Lausanne are amazing places, highly recommended if you are traveling to Europe…great food, fun sights, and a huge array of international travelers.

This is my second trip to Europe this year (the other was to Florence for a RAC class), and I’m hoping this is indicative of a higher demand for training from Burleson Consulting overseas. International travel is a great perk for a DBA.

Once I get home I’ll be posting pictures and a better blog entry.

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  1. Finally something I can intelligently comment on! LOVED Lausanne and I think Switzerland is just exquisite. I had a wonderful time there, perhaps the BEST apart from Vienna (ahhhh Wien!). It was clean and sparkly and I listened to John Denver as we rode through the alps and I have to say, that was the BEST soundtrack for the place!

  2. Been doing stuff with oracle technolody for a decade. Don’t recall 1 day of work that sounds as fulfilling as yours ha ha

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