Today is my 26th Birthday

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I’m sure it’s in bad taste to wish happy birthday to yourself in your own blog, but hey, it’s my blog, right?

Today, I am 26…it’s insane how time flies. I remember when I was 20 in a Sr. DBA position, I bought the domain just for fun. I was easily the youngest person in my company that had over 200 people in the ops department. It was a lot of fun! But now, it’s interesting to see the DBA profession grow, and other people in their early 20s getting into the DBA game.

Young punks, all of ’em. Back in my day, we had it rough. We had to log in as the internal user to shut down a database. We didn’t have no fancy AWR or ADDM or AMM or ASM, no sir. We had to put our tablespaces on different disks to keep I/O down. We didn’t have no easy buffer cache parameter, we actually had to multiply blocks for our cache! Yes sirree. Our listeners were static, our administration was text based, and our excessive extents hurt our performance. *smacks lips with the memory* Yes, those were the days.

Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago to some people I work with like Don Burleson or Mike Ault, but hey, ten years is quite a while in the evolution of a product like Oracle.

Anyways, go out and have some cake and a drink for my birthday!

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  1. Hi Karam,
    I just visited your site today. I found about you in the article by Justin Kestelyn in Oracle Mag for Nov/Dec 2007. I n his article a section IT’S ALL ACADEMIC he mentioned about how early you started and was successful. And that’s how I landed up here. So with all this introduction I find you BLOG good & informative. So have a very Happy Belated BirthDay 🙂

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