Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Hellraiser

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Sometimes you just need to take a moment and appreciate the things you have in life. And while I always appreciate my lovely wife and my darling kids, this time my appreciation is for something a little more material.


Okay, so Hellraiser is just a computer, but what a fine computer it is.

    The CyberpowerPC Gamer Infinity 9310

  • Quad Core 2.4GHz 64-bit processor
  • 8GB DDR2 800 RAM
  • 6 SATA drive bays, RAID configurable
  • Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB 16X PCI Express Video Cards
  • and all the usual fixins

If you’re ever in the market for a machine that will act something like a server when you run Oracle, this one does the trick. Not only that, but it comes with a price tag of only $1,719.99 from (note that price includes only 4GB RAM and one 500GB 7200RPM SATA drive).

It is extremely quiet, lightning fast, very powerful, and highly recommended. The graphics are overkill for Oracle, but great for whatever graphic intensive software you might also be running. However, I will say that it is HUGE. The system in box weighs 72 pounds, and stands a little higher than my knee. But with that comes the thrill of knowing that your home computer can probably run Oracle better than many of your clients’ servers!

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  1. Hey Steve,

    Nice system! I need to get me a new server to test out 12i Ebusiness suite with Oracle and this fits the bill for nice price.

    Actually two of these servers with shared storage and network cards with a low cost LAN switch would be perfect for 10g/11g RAC and Data Guard testing.


  2. I have an identical machine, but I assembled it myself from parts. GREAT case, but weighs a ton. Good taste Steve. 🙂

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